The Paraguayan Center for Population Studies is a non-profit scientific and technical institution whose main objective is the investigation of problems related to the population, especially in Paraguay, and the provision of services aimed at solving it. CEPEP is based on the philosophy of voluntary service.

Members of CEPEP are regulated according to the CEPEP statutes.
Art. 7º.- CEPEP recognizes four categories of Members: Founders, Active, Corporate and Collaborators.
  1. Founding Members are those listed in the CEPEP Foundation Act.
  2. Active Members are persons incorporated by resolution of the Board of Directors, at their request and at the proposal of one of the Directors.
  3. Corporate Members are organizations, scientific research centers and private entities in general whose purposes are related to those of the institution or provide effective collaboration for the development of its objectives. The Corporate Partners will be represented by a duly accredited natural person
  4. Individuals who collaborate spontaneously and voluntarily are involved in tasks related to the purposes of the Center. Those collaborators who prove their vocation of service, ability and continuous dedication, may be promoted to the status of Active Members, by a decision of the Board of Directors.

Art. 8º.- This are the requirements to be accepted as CEPEP Active Member:
  1. Age of majority, recognized honorability and good conduct.
  2. To sign the request for admission with proof that this implies accepting the objectives and purposes of the institution, and the means agreed for the purpose; And be prepared to carry out the actions entrusted to it for this purpose by the Directing Council or by the General Assembly.
  3. Recognize the principle that the status of Active Member or Member of the CEPEP Board is based on the philosophy of voluntary service.