The Paraguayan Center for Population Studies was founded on March 12, 1966, inspired by the First Pan American Population Assembly held in Cali, Colombia, in August 1965. In its Founding Act, the following was expressed: "The Paraguayan Center for Population Studies is constituted as a private entity with the aim of: to undertake the scientific study of the Paraguayan population, considering that the demographic growth in the continental and world area, with its serious social, economic, moral and political implications to clarify the fundamental characteristics of the Paraguayan population, based on methodical studies and with scientific rigor". “Our unique entity in the country seeks to cooperate in the auscultation of the national reality, provide positive data for an intelligent population policy, without distracting attention from the great and imperative needs of basic social and economic reforms, taking as a Fundamental objective is the improvement of the physical, economic and spiritual well-being of the individual and the elevation of his cultural level "(sic of the Foundation Act). The Bylaws were approved by the Executive Power by Decree of May 29, 1967, recognizing legal status. CEPEP was accepted as a member of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) in 1969 and in 1971 received the status of permanent member.

To promote and defend the integral health and sexual rights and reproductive rights of everyone, especially the least served and / or discriminated population, in order to improve their quality of life, Sensitizing the country's decision makers, conducting studies in order to know and make known the national reality, recommending actions and strategies based on the experiences and research developed, educating, training and providing quality services.

Paraguay has become a country in which its inhabitants enjoy the highest possible level of health with full validity of their sexual rights and reproductive rights and where CEPEP is a strong, sustainable and prestigious institution for having achieved its goals.

The members of the Board of Directors are:

President Abog. Karen Rivas
Vice president Lic. Claudia Acosta Soilán
Treasurer Dra. Noemi Mancuello
Secretary Lic. Claudia Barboza
Full Member Ms. Sasky Figur (youth representative)
Full Member Carlos Sánchez (youth representative)
Full Member Néstor Funes
Alternate Member Lic. Ruth Osorio

Dr. Julio Morales

Dr. Darío Castagnino

Dr. Juan Carrón

Mr. Guillermo Heisecke

Dr. Domingo Rivarola

Dr. Carlos Cartes

Prof. Dr. Gustavo Riart

Dr. Antonio Ruoti

Dr. Arnaldo Silvero

Mr. Enrique Chase

Prof. Dr. Calos Mersán