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Since July 2005, it has implemented Gender-Based Violence (VBG) case detection and referral activity in all new and follow-up users, as well as the provision of emergency contraception. Among the services offered by Asunción Family Clinic include:

  • · Family Planning Services.
  • · Gender-based violence detection (GVB).
  • · Gynecological and obstetrical consultations.
  • · Prevention of cervical-uterine cancer.
  • · Gynecological and obstetrical ultrasounds.
  • · Attentions in Mastology.
  • · Consultations of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).
  • · Pediatrics.
  • · Radiological studies.
  • · Clinical and bacteriological analyzes.
  • · Provision of contraceptives.
  • · Social pharmacy.
  • · Odontology.
  • · Colposcopy.

For cases of medical care requiring hospitalization and / or surgical procedures, there are agreements signed with other entities that have these services. It has also outsourced ambulance service for transfer of patients.

First and Last Name Service
Dr. Margarita Alonso Martínez Dentist
Dr. Raúl Adorno Recalde Urology
Dr. Violeta Amarilla Román Gynecology
Lic. Arnaldo Amarilla Dental Mechanic
Dr. Gladys Aquino Orrego Colposcopy, Pap, Sexual and Reproductive Health
Dr. José Bellasai Biopsy Study
Dr. Marco Antonio Cañete Prette Ultrasound Ultrasound
Dr. Shirley Cardozo Gynecobs Consultations
Lic. Silvana Carvallo Romero Psychology
Dr. Claudio Castro Aquino Director of Asuncion's Clinic
Dr. Edward Coronel López Gynecobs Consultations
Dr. Ramón Cueto Gynecobs Consultations
Dr. Juana María Fernández Pediatrics
Instituto Calvo Radiological Analysis
Dr. Claudio Ismajovich Gynecobs Consultations
Dr. Horts Knecht Quellmalz Otorhinolaryngology
Dr. Elina María Gabriela Leoz Family Medicine
Meyer Lab Clinical Analysis
Dr. Julián Adolfo Morel Villalba Gynecology, Endocrinology
Dr. Carlos R. Noguera Gynecological and Obstetrical Consultations
Dr. Herman Nunes Dentist
Dr. Marina Ortega Gynecobs Consultations
Dr. Mirtha Pavón Martinez Dentist
Dr. María Antonia Peréz Villalba Colposcopy
Dr. Fanny Ramírez Lugo Gynecobs Consultations, Family Planning, Gynecological and Obstetrical Ultrasound Consultations
Dr. Juan Ángel Ramírez Ríos Gynecobs Consultations, Ultrasound
Lic. Maria Viviana Recalde Garcete Nutrition
Dr. Eduardo Risso Cardozo Gynecobs Consultations
Dr. Maria Marta Saldivar de Vázquez Gynecobs Consultations
Dr. Sánchez Maldonado Pediatrics
Dr. Martín Valiente Family Medicine
Dr. Mario Vera Gynecobs Consultations

Hernandarias 1.775 and Julia M. Cueto.

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+595 985 600 473

The San Lorenzo Family Clinic offers comprehensive care and coverage services in:

  • · Gynecological.
  • · Obstetric.
  • · Family planning.
  • · Prevention of cervical-uterine cancer.
  • · Gynecological and obstetrical ultrasounds.
  • · Fetal monitoring and biophysical profile.
  • · Attentions in mastology.
  • · Radiological studies of the breast.
  • · Consultations of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).
  • · Pediatrics.
  • · Medical clinic.
  • · Clinical and bacteriological analyzes.
  • · Provision of contraceptives.
  • · Social pharmacy.

Since 2005, it has implemented gender-based violence (GBV) case detection and referral in all new and follow-up users, as well as the provision of emergency contraception. In San Lorenzo, teenagers also have their space. The San Lorenzo Family Clinic has been the first clinic of CEPEP to offer an exclusive space for adolescents in the framework of the project "Young Space". There, differentiated medical care is provided to young people in friendly offices, as well as family planning, STI / AIDS counseling, and psychological support for them and their parents.

First and Last Name Service
Dr. Wilfrido Ramón Candia Riquelme Gynecology/Mastology/Oncology
Dr. Amelia Bogado Gynecobs Consultations
Dr. Ana Avalos Gynecobs Consultations
Dr. Carlos Ayala Gynecobs Consultations
Dr. Sonia Mabel Britez Gynecobs Consultations
Dr. Mercedes Cáceres Gynecology
Dr. Myrian Capdevilla Gynecobs Consultations
Dr. Oscar Centurión Gynecobs Consultations
Dr. Susana Cingiale Gynecobs Consultations
Dr. Ariel Duarte Agüero Gynecology
Dr. Arminda Espínola Pediatrics
Dr. Luis Miguel Figueroa Ramírez Family Medicine
Dr. Liliana Fleitas Gynecobs Consultations
Dr. Natalia García Godoy Gynecobs Consultations
Dr. Iluminada Gómez Pediatrics
Dr. Nidia Gómez Clinical Analysis
Instituto Calvo Radiological Analysis
Dr. Gladys Larrier Gynecobs Consultations
Dr. Néstor Ramón Galeano Family Medicine
Dr. Claudia Paredes Peña Gynecobs Consultations
Lic. Delma Piris Barboza Psychology
Dr. Lourdes Adriana Pistilli Franco Pediatrics
Dr. Gina Portillo Godoy Gynecobs Consultations
Dr. Pedro Ramírez Villalba Gynecobs Consultations
Dr. Juan Felix Ramírez Gynecobs Consultations
Dr. Gladys Rodas Troche Pedriatría
Dr. Heraldo Rojas Mastology
Dr. Gessy Samudio Gynecology
Dr. Avelino Thompson Gynecology
Dr. Alfredo Ugarte Urology
Dr. Venancio Zárate Gynecobs Consultations

Emeterio Miranda, Off Camilo Recalde. Building Premier II

+595 61 500 579

+595 985 600 474

The Ciudad del Este family clinic offers comprehensive coverage in:

  • · Gynecological
  • · Obstetric
  • · Family planning
  • · Prevention of cervical-uterine cancer
  • · Offers gynecological and obstetrical ultrasounds
  • · Sexually Transmitted Infection Consultations (STIs)
  • · Pediatrics
  • · Medical clinic
  • · Clinical and bacteriological analyzes
  • · Provision of contraceptives and social pharmacy

Since 2005, it has implemented Gender-Based Violence (VBG) case detection and referral activity in all new and follow-up users, as well as the provision of emergency contraception.

First and Last Name Service
Dr. Mariel Aguilera Family Medicine
Dr. Perla Candia de Ruíz Díaz Pediatrics
Dr. Norma Beatriz Cristaldo Gynecology
Dr. Kathia Ayala Mastology / Gynecology
Dr. César Martínez Gynecology / Ultrasound
Dr. Roberto Mendoza Gynecology
Dr. Elena Noceda Céspedes Gynecology
Dr. Doris Peralta Flecha Family Medicine
Dr. Doris Cristaldo Family Medicine
Dr. Edith Portillo Insfrán Gynecology
Dr. Dionisio Reinoso Gynecology
Dr. Reinelda Velázquez Family Medicine
Lic. Miryan Melgarejo Prenatal. Family Planning. STI. Papanicolau
Lic. Natalia Torres Prenatal. Family Planning. STI. Papanicolau

The Clinical Laboratory performs a large number of clinical determinations in the different specialties of laboratory medicine; from routine to the most specialized studies available in the country. Going from hematology, clinical chemistry, microbiology, immunology, endocrinology, tumor markers, etc. It has highly trained professionals with experience in the areas of competence; and it has equipment of advanced technology that allows to offer opportune results and of high quality. The laboratory participates in the Programs of External Quality Evaluation of the Association of Biochemicals of Paraguay and is registered in the Superintendence of Health of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare.

Dr. María De los Angeles Vera.
Dr. Diana Carolina Giménez.

The Cytology Laboratory of CEPEP, which is in operation CEPEP building located in Avda. Peru Nº 1284 c / Ana Díaz. This laboratory receives the Papanicolaou (Pap smear) (PAP) samples from the four CEPEP clinics, as well as from other institutions and independent medical professionals; Thus contributing to the early detection of cervical cancer in women in the region of influence of CEPEP Clinics, Clinics and professionals associated with the institution. Samples of biopsies are also carried out in the clinics, which are sent for anatomical-pathological study to a Laboratory of Pathological Anatomy for further study.

Dr. Stella Maris Perez Troche.

The country is characterized by having a high proportion of young population and by starting its reproductive stage at very early ages. In fact, according to results of the 2002 Census, the population of adolescents aged 11 to 19 represents 19% of the total population of the country and according to the National Survey of Sexual and Reproductive Health 2004, 36% of adolescents aged 15 to 19 Years have had sexual intercourse and 34% of them have had premarital sex.

Similarly, adolescent fertility is 65 live births per 1,000 females aged 15 to 19 in the period 2001-2004. Paraguay, like other Latin American countries, is affected by a high poverty rate in rural areas, causing a massive migration of young people in search of employment opportunities to the capital of the country, generating a large poverty belt around Asunción and the border cities of Ciudad del Este and Encarnación and their respective satellite cities. Migrant population that, because they do not have the education and information necessary to make decisions about their sexuality, are exposed to risk situations, both for an unplanned pregnancy and for sexually transmitted infections.

This being the scenario CEPEP have developed the programs:

  • - Young Space, with the purpose of informing and carrying out sexuality education to young people and adolescents with an emphasis on the prevention of STI / HIV / AIDS and unwanted pregnancy
  • - Youth Office, aimed at adolescents and young people with the objective of offering friendly and quality services in sexual and reproductive health.